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Preganant FA has Baby

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B-J-J Fighter

Royce Gracie in Action
Dec 1, 2001
I posted a while back the thread "I got an FA Pregnant", while now after being in the HX for a little over 3 days my wife and I are at home with our 1st child a baby boy.

Its the most stressful event to ever happen to me. I'm a hypercondriact(SP?), and my wife always worries, so together we always so scrared that something is wrong with the baby. Since she went into labor 6 days ago I have probably gotten 8 hours of sleep all together. Any tips or advice to help my wife and I dealing with this problem, the doctor says its pretty normal for all new parents. True?
Wrong Board

Sorry I posted this on the general board, I meant to post this on the YGBSM board since it is not aviation related. Lack of sleep will make you do crazy things, sorry.
B-J-J Fighter,

Congratulations to you and your wife! I recall reading that post months ago.

I wish I could offer you some advice, but since I haven't yet (knowingly ;) ) procreated, it would be pretty worthless!

I can say this though:

I suspect people were having children back before our species knew how to read.

I'm pretty sure people had children before they could write (some do to this day).

If my first two premises are correct, then I think perhaps people had children before the library (a building I imagine is full of child-rearing material) was invented (or was it discovered?).

Somehow our species has managed to survive thus far despite our ignorance. I suspect we will continue to survive for at least a few more years. I'm confident you and your wife will do a great job with the new addition to your family.

After all, people were having babies when the earth was flat and, to the best of my knowledge, not a single child ever fell off the edge!

Congratulations once again!
Yes it is true about worrying.

Congradulations, they grow up quick, enjoy every minute.

Oh yea, sleep is a thing of the past.

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