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May 31, 2006
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mckpickle said:
I counted at least 3 but lost count at the CFI. I forget from my Flight Instructing days, what is it again when you blame someone/something else for poor performance?

Defense Mechanism: Projection


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Jan 13, 2006
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pilot754, thanks for making me lauph. To be honest, I don't think that you will ever get a paid position as a pilot unless you try to go to Gulfstream, but they might deny you as well. Posting you personal information on a public forum is not a good idea. Especially on one that thousands of pilots view each day. The HR department will think of you as a liability because you don't seem to have sound judgement. I can't imagine you making a PA announcement. I think that if you are a President, Director of MX, and whatever else you should just stick to that job. Im sure it pays more than being a regional pilot.


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Jan 25, 2006
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No amount of perseverance can overcome that much stupidity.[/quote]

Without a doubt the best line in this thread.


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Nov 7, 2003
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I can't believe you guys are still talking to this guy as if he were a sincere poster. No one, and I mean NO ONE can be this dumb...not even me!! I think the thread starter is conducting an experiment to see how dumb pilots really can be by evaluating how many pilots respond to him as if this were a serious thread. The fact he hasn't removed his first post tells me under no uncertain terms it is a joke.


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Sep 2, 2003
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"Commercial AMEL- Add on (Jan. 2003) was due to lateness of gear retraction on last take off before going in for parking. "

Sheeeit son, and all these years I thought you lowered the gear before landing and heading for the ramp (via alittle thing called taxi) and securing the aircraft.

Ah well, maybe my instructor will chew me out for that tomorrow...


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Jan 23, 2003
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So is this the latest incarnation of 410 dude, rhoid, embskillz, ect? Or just some other tool box aspiring to be him.


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Jun 27, 2005
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Na, I think it was a real post by an obviously foreign pilot. Notice how he has not been back in a while? Tail tucked and in hiding I suspect. Classic


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Feb 16, 2002
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XJT - Interview (Info)

My name is Mark from Los angeles, CA USA. I have just had my 24th birthday a couple of weeks ago. At which time I applied to every known regional in this country and few foeign operators. Currently my logbook indicates 1200TT and 120MEL. Couple of days ago I found an interesting e-mail from XJT (12 Questions and choose your interview date) type of materials. Curious to know how long is the wait time from time you respond to the 12 questions and confirmed? At XJT I got this far on my own no walk in. However, at Mesa all materials were walked in. My conection was a SR. Capt. CRJ (ORD) additionally IOE/Line Check Airmen and in a leadership position with board of trustees. I'll attach copy of the 12 questions and my response open to thoughts and ideas. Also will try and post a letter of recommendation (INTERNAL) Private contact

It is a pleasure to hear from you as quickly as I did! Below are the answers to the following twelve questions the company sent.

ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. (dba Continental Express) has received your resume for the First Officer position. To be considered for an interview, please reply to this email with answers to all 12 questions below and forward an updated copy of your resume to me. PLEASE RESPOND BY JUNE 2ND TO BE CONSIDERED FOR THIS SESSION.

1. We are currently hiring for the training course that begins within 3 weeks of your interview date. If offered a position, would you be able to attend this course?

Yes! I would be able to attend training that would start three weeks after my interview date. I can only see one obstacle that would be in the way. I’ll be in Israel June 28 – July 10 on vacation. Nothing more and am ready to provide excellent, safe service to ExpressJet Airlines.

2. We are hiring First Officers who are flexible to work out of any of our three hubs located in Cleveland, Ohio, Newark, New Jersey or Houston, Texas. Are you willing and able to work at any of these locations?

I’ll make it happen as to be able and willing to work in one of the three listed above locations. My preference would be (KEWR) Newark, NJ.

3. Are you currently working? If so where? What is your position?

Yes. I am currently working. Location of Flight instruction (Part 61) is at my local airport (KVNY, Van Nuys Airport) in Los Angeles, CA. My position is CFI (Flight Instructor) providing donated flight instruction to this group and in addition to this I am currently holding title as President, Director of MX. I work under the supervision of an A&P / IA. From working on 100hr. to an annual inspection amongst other things is a great experience. Since its foundation in 1951, Kitty Hawk Squadron 3 (Boy Scouts of America; Aviation Air Explorer Scout Post 3) has trained hundreds of young men and women to fly. If you are between the ages of 14 and 21, you are eligible to participate in this exciting program ( ). Ground and Flight Instruction are provided at no charge by our volunteer Certified Flight Instructors. Flight Training is performed in a Cessna 172 provided by the North Hollywood Optimist Club, the primary sponsor of Squadron 3 since 1951These two organizations are recognized as IRS (501 c) non-profit outfits. In addition to Air Explorers also provide for pay (Part 61) at a flight school at KVNY. I am currently training for my MEI (Multi-Instructor Add On).

4. How much total time have you flown in the last 6 months? How much of that time is multi time?

I have flown 225 TT and 105 is AMEL

5. What aircraft are you currently flying?

BE-76, PA-34-200, C-172

6. Do you have any accidents or incidents on your record? If yes, please give details, including dates.


7. Do you have any violations on your record? If yes, please give details, including dates.


8. Have you ever failed a check ride or stage check? If yes, please give details, including dates.

Yes. I have been issued pink slip for:

ASEL-Commercial, a new PTS had gone into affect that very day. It was my misfortune and instructor ability to stay updated that I was unaware and only was notified by the DPE on exam morning after said exam had begun. (FAA:-S-8081-12B 08-1-2002) - The area of operation was a Power Off – 180 degree accuracy landing.

The following are two most important lessons I learned about my aviation training! I went out of town paid certain amount of money and expected to get trained and pass FAA Check Ride. They had onsite examiners working for them

Commercial AMEL- Add on (Jan. 2003) was due to lateness of gear retraction on last take off before going in for parking.

Certified Flight Instructor: (Jan. 2003) certain things took place that I feel were unfair and against the FAA-Plan of Action. I retested few times at this flight school with two separate examiners and was unsuccessful. Thus, I left and came home to LA where I retook and passed. I am by far not stating I was not prepared for at least one of the exams. However, the majority of what occurred was inappropriate. I am unable to describe this with out a formal letter to you at this time. Think it requires both a full written letter and oral discussion which I’ll be more then happy to explain. What I have learned over the past two-half years is it made me a much better instructor and pilot for the long run! In conclusion this flight school has been able to escape MULTIPLE Attempts by the Las Vegas, NV FSDO. I was made aware of it after my departure.

**Currently I have taken on the challenge to obtain my MEI (Multi-Instructor) add on. ** I never stop learning.

9. We have interview dates available for the month of June. Which day works best for you?

Tuesday, June 20th

10. What airport will you be traveling in and out of for the interview (the airport must have Continental or Continental Express service)? KLAX

11. What is your name (as it appears on your driver’s license)? Mark Howard Young

12. What is the best contact number to reach you (Monday – Friday 8 am-5pm CST) should I have any additional questions?

Letters of Recommendation:
Years Acquainted: 5
Flying Comments: N/A
Work Comments: To whom it may concern: I would like to recommend Mark Young for a First Officer position with Mesa Airlines. Mark is a hard worker and does not let minor setbacks keep him from achieving his goals. He will make a valuable addition to the company and is a credit to the aviation profession and I recommend him without hesitation. Please feel free to contact me if you would to discuss this further. Sincerely (NAME Remains Left out)

All information is true and correct to best of my knowledge and was seriousle sent in!

Which regional did this guy eventually get on with?