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Pray and help for LA, MS, AL and FL


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Jan 2, 2005
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Just got thru stuffing two large generators, lights, chainsaw oil and other stuff ,as much as we could safely fit, in a Baron with no seats to fly to an airport with no lights in St. Tammy Parish with a fire captain that we know from there. (The airport will be lighted by emergency vehicles)

This is going to emergency folks who have no communications and are cutting their way back towards the Lake from the north trying to help their area.

Pray! help! and donate to the Red Cross !



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Jul 9, 2002
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Will continue to pray .......

Just wanted to let you know that you are so very appreciated. It's good to hear of folks helping out when our fellow citizens are in such need. My family and I have been praying for those on the gulf coast since the day before Katrina hit.
We are donating as much as we can to various relief agencies such as the Red Cross, but to hear of folks like yourself pitching in to help out by flying much needed equipment into that area is such a great thing to hear.
Thanks for all that you're doing. God Bless You and all that are helping.
Blue, safe skies on your journey.

Blue Bus Driver


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Jul 23, 2003
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I sent this note the other day, of course no response, but it's just a thought

I think you folks, in MS and LA have lots of people that are having a difficult time. I also suspect that the shear numbers are overwhelming your agencies.

In May, 1940, Allied forces were in a jam, in Dunkirk, and a massive effort removed all the folks from harms way.

I suggest, and volunteer to participate, in something like that today.

With help from civic groups, churches, concerned citizens, you could relocate your folks that are in need to another location. If you could get folks to airports, in the near area of where they are today, with help from the citizenry, we could evacuate them to another locale. I know that here in where I live, we could easily take in a few families. There are literally thousands of towns across the country that would do the same thing. Airlines, and the federal government, are, I suspect, inefficient, and costly, at relocating one family. Quite frankly, I have this vision of refugees in tent cities, and I think as Americans we can do better. Volunteer pilots are efficient, and free.

If you just announce that you need some housing for a period of time, it will happen. Tell the general populace that you need to move xx number of families out for a while. If you contact AOPA, 1-800-872-2672, and ask them for volunteers, they will get the word out. Have someone from the FAA on hand to inspect documents, make sure folks are not traveling with someone not competent.

So, thanks for listening. God speed you in your efforts.