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Postings in the interview section!

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Apr 2, 2002
Hey Iflyforfood (moderator),
I think if you don't want people to post in the interview section then you need to create separate areas for Major, Regional, Fractional, Corporate, and so on in the main message board section. I for one don't want to sift through a bunch of threads that have nothing to do with what I'm looking for. I work for a regional and when I want to see what's the latest I go to the regional section. What do the rest of you think? Am I all alone on this one or do other people feel the same? Lets hear what you think.

Well said. I agree 100% - the General section on the message board is too much of a pain to sift through.
I think it has been working out fine too. People won't have to double post like they have been...putting the same thing in both the regional and general boards. I think this is an excellent website.

"How can you continue to observe the no smoking sign until well inside the terminal? You can't even see the f@#$%^* planes from well inside the terminal!" -George Carlin
I agree, I think we need to have the separate categories of Regional/Fractional/Cargo etc. in the other section if we can't post any info other than interview-related in this one.
After much consideration and contemplation I must say: "Ditto too"

Is there such a thing as "Ditto too"?

Ditto cubed.

I agree. Please look at creating subsections in the other forum. "General" is too broad a category when you are trying to get information about a particular segment of the industry. Just my $.02, now please give me my $.015 in change.:rolleyes:
Since hiring sucks right now, it's hard to talk about actual interviews in the interviews section. I'd agree with everyone else though: If you want us to stick to interview stuff on the interview board, you should open AT LEAST a regionals and majors board on the message board.
Ditto, seems to be the word of the day........let's hear three cheers for separate catagories in the general section or letting us continue doing what we're doing........and sometimes the subjects might stretch a little, but over all people are going to be able to get an idea of what's going on in the airline that their interested in applying for, so in a way we are talking interview stuff......

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