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posting/updating pireps

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Zulu who?
May 25, 2003
First off let me start by saying most everyone on ATC is quite helpful and professional. This isn't a bash just a simple question....

Is there a reason why Denver/Albuquerque Center rarely if ever posts all of the PIREPS concerning moderate turbulence and mountain wave?

I've even reported Moderate myself and looked after landing and nothing is posted.

I'll look on http://aviationweather.gov/adds and nine times out of ten you'll see several reports East of the Rockies from KC center and several from LA center but then a big blank area around ABQ or PUB or CYS... or simply one or two here and there. Then you get airborne and everyone is avoiding certain flight levels due to previous reports. Sure would be nice to have that information prior to takeoff.
Was it as bumpy as the flight we did into KBZN during the fires :)

Not speaking for the controllers you are talking about but If I get a PIREP from a pilot I fill out the form and hand it to my Sup. Whether or not it actually gets called in is another story. I don't know if the center guys have a way of actually submitting electronically but I know we don't in the tower.

Thanks Mark

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