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Post 13000

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13k posts? Don't know if I'd be proud of that. Someone needs to get a life outside of flightinfo. But I guess if you have to come on this forum to tell everyone how great you think you are, you must not have anything else!!
When will it happen? Will it be about LBB?

Leave him alone, every forum needs someone to work and keep it going. I've been a part of too many forums that "play nice" and most of them die off from lack of interest.

He keeps it interesting, or at least going.
When will it happen? Will it be about LBB?

Well, these days I have been watching the unbelievable attitudes SOME SWA pilots have, about how cool LBB is and their lives are. So, it may very well deal with SWA. It may deal with Joe Merchant and how he loves piling dung on himself, making himself look like the "victim", even though in reality he is just LAZY. Maybe it will deal with our DL/NWA merger, or maybe it will deal with MCDU, also known as "McDoosh", along with his USAir East baby friends. CRJ567 could be involved, along with his side job at McRonalds. Or, it could about SkyWest selling out for growth, or Comair getting nailed for past sins.

You never know, but it will likely happen in the next couple days. Stay tuned!

And SWAFLYGUY, why are you on here? You should be sleeping to get ready for your 6 leg day tomorrow through ELP (twice). Go enjoy that.

Bye Bye---General Lee
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You could enter the 13000 era talking smack on the Allegiant threads. Out and back airline, one fleet type, no union, and many at allegiant call it a career airline.
Genital Lee
This message is hidden because Genital Lee is on your ignore list.

Since about number 9000.

Some people can't handle the truth. That's okay, none of his responses ever did amount to anything anyway.....

Bye Bye---General Lee
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