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Possibly good news at Mesa.

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Don't hassle the Hoff
Jul 9, 2002
Talked to an F/O for Mesa today. He saya "Mesa is preparing to hire in next 3 months". From what I have heard they still have quite a few guys on furlough though. Just passing along the message and wondering if any body else has info.
we still have 66 on furlough, but the last group of recalls was almost 80 and they are still in the sim, so I would say the 66 present furloughees will be called back by the end of august or first sept. We will have to hire once the 700-900s hit the property as we have 70 of them ordered. Management and morale here is terible, though. i work for air midwest on the 1900D.
How many do you expect to be hired after the furlough's are called back?
well, mesa's ratio is 8.4 pilots per plane, so when the -700 and -900 CRJ hit the property (70 on order) you'll either have them on MESA seniority list or on Freedom. Either way when they start flying they'll need 602 more pilots to staff these planes. IEther piots will bid over to freedom or theyll move up in mesa. *WILD GUESS* they will hire maybe 50 before year end and 250 in 2003.

all this depends on if they strike over the contract this fall.

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