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Jan 19, 2003
somewhat off..however, I have one thing to say..when you all mighty veterens of the distinguished any name mainline fleets were trying to get a job how did you get it? I tend to think some of you clicked your heals and POOF you appeared in the right seat of a 737. I find some of you to be ridiculous and some what childish. You know what? Man I wish when I started a few years back in my little industry killing jet, that I too could go from seminole, baron whatever into a mainline fleet. What oh wizard and only pro pilot do you suggest? Lets see, have you thought or even investigated in the past five years what it takes to get hired to a mainline jet?
I dont like the fact that I really have little hope in getting that seat with a mainline because of the glut and turmoil your leaders have created. I love to fly, it pains me to see the guys and gals I looked up to years ago accusing me of killing the industry. Guess I should quit and go build my time in a corporate jet, oops they want time in their particular a/c.
I am a Captain, I am proud of my occupation, I am an individual that if in a crowded public area would probably be the only pilot. You are an aviator, start being one. Yeah you got more time crapping in the first class lav than I got total time but hey, I am trying.
I suggest you give talks to flight schools be they academy or Billy Bobs flight training center, You let this kids know how to go from prop to 737 etc.
Spend your time helping them out instead of trashing many of these fine folks trying to get where you are.
Ever ask a regional pilot what they want to do, bet you get the same response...I want to go to work for <insert mainline fleet here>. Yup that sums up what I want to do. SO I tell you what I will sit in my left seat 6 feet above the ground and continue to look up at you, and wonder how do I get where he or she is, man that would be what I have always wanted.
I will continue to endure your inane remarks about the next batch of aviators because I know your angry, and dissappointed. Do you honestly think I am out to get you, do you think at all? Are you so mad that you have closed down and are waiting to crush anything that you see as a threat?
Keep your nose up in a turn, basic rule of being an aviator.
Let the beatings begin.
Very well put. My hat off to you if I ware one.

Keep looking up, sooner or later WE will get there. Keep the dream alive.

Honestly it amazes me how out of touch people become when they sit in the same job for 20 years. It's not really their fault....just human nature. But you have a point.
It is a double edged sword Moose. The RJ folks want to get to the majors, but there are fewer and fewer jobs at the majors due to the RJ's.

10 years ago (my group) very few of us came into the majors with much 121 Jet time. A few had some, but the majority was 121 Turboprop with some Jet corporate time, if any. Or military jet time.

Looking at the schedules and routes that are now flown by the Regionals, I would say that 10 years ago probably 75% or better of the current RJ routes were flown by the 737's and DC-9's. My old 121 Turboprop job has now gone all jet and from what I can tell from their schedule, nearly all of their current flying is what used to be done by the parent mainline. I shipped my mother in law home this past summer and she flew from the east coast to Denver non stop on an RJ......that would NEVER have happened 10 years ago. A decade ago the Smallest airplane to do the route would have been a 737. Most of the time a route like that would have been a 757.

Not the RJ pilots fault, or the mainline pilots fault. Just what has happened with the industry in the last 10 years. If there was the slightest crack in the scope of the contracts mgmt. shoved in a crowbar and opened up a big hole.

It is a catch 22 for the new pilots coming up now, if they take the only oppertunity available to them to get the required experience, they are also helping to slow their progression to the mainlines.

For the mainline pilots they see the RJ as a cancer that is eating away at their aircraft and senority lists. RJ's have always existed, 10 and 20 years ago they were called DC-9's F-100's F-28's ect.
The big difference is that back then they were flown by the mainline pilots at mainline rates. Now that the mainline rates have been dragged down to near what the regionals make after 5 or 6 years (82K a year for a 20 year F/O at USAir and UAL), we may see the shift in airplanes go back the other way. Much easier to run an airline that does not have to deal with 5 or 6 carriers flying under their name. Jetblue, SWA, and Airtran have proved that.
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