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Polar Contract Update?

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Jun 21, 2005
Anyone have any news on the latest update for the Polar negotiations? I know there was a strike vote but wondering when the actual date might be.
Don't know how its going but I'm sure its not good. As for a strike? Who knows? I'm sure we'll see the typical 11th hour tactics. Stay tuned.
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What do you guys/gals think the merged contract will be like. Atlas has better pay and Polar has better quality of life. Will the new deal be the best of both? Atlas pay, Polar days off and home basing for everyone!!!!!!! Just curious what is going to happen. Will the Polar folks have a new contract prior to the merger?
Thanks Whalerider. I guess I was wondering when that 11th hour might be? As a FNG about to start training, just a little nervous waiting for everything to shake out. Don't get me wrong I know it is a necessary part of the negotiation process. Just don't want to stay on the street much longer.
I understand your concerns Long Thrust. I just didn't want to paint a rosy picture that won't be true. My opinion, If there is a strike its going to be a short one. Now what happens after that is the bigger question. It will go one of two ways: the strike will either end good for us all or bad.

Crews aren't talking about it on the flightline. Which is probably the reason why you're not getting too many posts on this thread.
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Thanks for info. I appreciate it.

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