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POGG next month-any advise

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Nov 25, 2001
I have to fly into POGG next month with a 737-800, any advise from any one who flies there often. I hear the winds are really tricky on final.
Runway 2 is 7000' with an ILS (HIRL, MALSR, and VASI). In normal tradewind conditions the wind is pretty much right down the runway although it may be gusting from 20-25 kts. If the weather pattern is less traditional there may a bit of crosswind but on the approach there is a sugar mill with a smokestack that will give you a really good idea of the wind on approach compared to the reported wind on the airfield. Aloha operates 737 2's and 7's out of there and all the big guys fly 767, 757, etc. There are tricker airports for sure. You will have no problem.

ps. I've seen 2 Miami Air 738's on the south ramp at PHNL this last week. What do you guys do?
That was us, I just got back last night. We were part of a massive corporate charter for the convention center at HNL. We did a prisoner flight with one of the flights in between. Miami Air crews-four of them- have been terrorising the island for a week. I heard that one of them (an FA) got banished from the Hilton for a year. I had a 60 hour layover my first time there. We went to Ford island and saw the Utah, Missouri, and the Arizona. The next day I walked around the south side of Diamond Head and climbed it straight up. I found out once I got to the top that you weren't suppose to do that-fun anyway. The only thing I didn't do was surf, I figured that I would save that for next time. I think we are doing a corporate charter out of Maui next month also. Basically all we do are ad-hoc charters.I leave for Crete in two days, the rest of the guys fly to Kuwait, I have the easy part.
Worst turbulance I have ever had was in HI. Of course it was in a rented C-172, but landed at Maui to the NE with 40 kts on the nose (roll out was about 200') 60 kts of wind coming through 2000'. NE trades hit those volcanos and the lee side is always very turbulent. Beautiful way to see the islands. Started off in HNL, sightsaw around the island(s) landed in PHNM for lunch (Lindbergh (sp?) buried not too far away). 2 overnights at PHOG, then went to PHKO, overnight, flew over Kilawea.. Kil..? the volcano there and back to PHNL. Beautiful. Also did a seaplane recurrent ride out of PHNL around the island.

This AVTAR was taken pre-miami air, has anything changed post-miami air?

"Lo Lo" is what locals would call your Diamond Head hike. That's "crazy" in Hawaiian.

I only wish I was with you. Mahalo for sharing.

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Now there are beer bottles scattered all over the beach-forget those silly little plastic cups.

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