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PNCL Flight Bennies Question

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Apr 2, 2008
I know benefits recently worsened under the DL/DCI agreement.

Nonetheless, will anyone tell me how long to get flight pass privilege (non-rev) benefits after date of hire? I have info on non flight bennies - health, dental, etc. Just lookin' for flight stuff. Appreciate it...
you start getting your flight benefits on your hire date, which at Pinnacle is your check ride date.
The "flight benefits" at Pinnacle are essentially worthless.. you might as well just fill out a jumpseat form at the gate. By the time all the retirees, parents and children of DL employees, the wife of a mesaba employee, etc gets on, there won't be any seats left and you'll be riding in the cockpit. I haven't bothered listing for a flight for 2 months now, and in most cases I would have been on the bottom of the list anyway.

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