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Please read if you're Furloughed.

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Jan 18, 2002
I'm just trying to figure out what some of the companies are doing for their guys if they have been furloughed.

At United, they extended COBRA coverage for 90 days from the date of furlough. Pass travel has been allowed for the same period of time. There's a movement afoot to help out with COBRA payments in the future.

Have any of the other carriers been more generous or less generous with their efforts to folks on the street?

'nother furloughed guy.
One site I have bookmarked is furloughedpilot.com. I believe it is run by a furloughed guy. Some really good information there about what each airlines situation is in regards to #'s, furloughed benefits, rumors, etc. From the last time I looked at it, I seem to remember Delta having pretty good benefits for furloughed guys. Seemed like they were better than the other majors.
Yes, there is some decent info there. Seems I recall some folks from USAIR and HAWAIIAN Air giving jumpseat benies to their furloughed folks. I didn't see any mention of it there though. Hopefully we'll be able to get the straight skinny on some of this through this board. Thanks again for the reply. Guess you're on the street too huh?
Hope this answers a few questions. USAirways furloughed pilots are supposed to have the ability to jumpseat for 12 months from their furlough date. However, you have to turn in your i.d. when you go on furlough status. So, how are you supposed to gain access to the jumpseat without a valid airline i.d.? ALPA is trying to remedy this but we don't have a solution yet.

Other benefits offered are pass privileges for 90 days. Health benefits for 60 days after your last severance check. The USAirways MEC put out a vote to it's members to pay the coverage for those furloughed pilots and their families who still don't have coverage after the benefits run out. This passed so anyone who needs the coverage, will have it.

Good luck.

Yeah, I might be out as of March 01. Right now just sitting around because I got surplussed off of the 727 at the end of October.

UAL is supposed to let go of 403 guys March 1st. I will be in that group. Not much being said lately about it. What I don't like is that per the contract, UAL can not furlough a pilot off of probation. They have already done this. Also, UAL continues to run the R.J's in violation of the contract as well. I listened to the conference call last quarter and management says they want to get another 70 R.J.'s in 2002. Just doesn't seem right to let another 403 of us go and to increase the R.J. flying like that.

I agree UAL needs to run R.J's to be competitive, but under these conditions it stings a little, if you know what I mean.
I hear you about that "stinging" feeling. I'm glad to see that you still have a job though. I saw a post somewhere that AMR's APA has come up with a solution for incorporating RJ's into their mainline expansion plan satisfying management, did not step on toes with those currently flying the RJ's, allows for a solid flow through, and mitigates potential future furloughs....seems all parties might be happy. I guess we'll see how far the proposal goes. If it goes through, it should change things in the future and secure jobs in the future, as well as promote efficient expansion of the mainline.
Yeah, I read the article last night about AMR. I wonder if Carty will go for it? I'll try to post it below for anyone who hasn't seen it.

Thursday January 17, 3:58 pm Eastern Time

Press Release
SOURCE: Allied Pilots Association Allied Pilots Association Presents Proposal Designed to Preserve Jobs, Enable Continued Recovery
Proposal Regarding Commuter Feed Addresses All Parties' Needs, Says Union

FORT WORTH, Texas, Jan. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- The Allied Pilots Association (APA), which serves as collective bargaining agent for the 11,000 pilots of American Airlines, today presented a proposal to American Airlines that is designed to address management's stated need to preserve commuter feed to American Airlines and keep the carrier's recovery going strong

``This proposal addresses the needs of all parties,'' stated Captain John Darrah, APA President. ``While AMR Corporation has stated that they will have to furlough American Eagle employees if APA does not agree to their demands, our proposal will preserve American Airlines, TWA LLC, and American Eagle jobs while enabling American Airlines to continue its recovery.''

According to Darrah, APA's proposal consists of a phased approach that would return all flying to American Airlines, thereby removing the primary job-security issue in the minds of American Airlines' pilots: the outsourcing of American Airlines' flying.

Phase One consists of all 70-seat Regional Jets being flown by American Airlines pilots. This would prevent American Eagle from reaching the contractual cap on Regional Jets. This step would also reduce the likelihood that management will trigger the available-seat-mile (ASM) and block-hour limits in effect on American Eagle's operations while any American Airlines pilots are on furlough.

``Recalling American Airlines and TWA LLC pilots to fly these 70-seat Regional Jets will hasten the removal of this cap on American Eagle,'' said Darrah.

Phase Two calls for AMR Corporation to exchange their 44-seat Regional Jet orders for 50-seat Regional Jets and have them delivered to and flown by American Airlines. Once all American Airlines and TWA LLC pilots are recalled, American Eagle pilots would rapidly flow-through to these new American Airlines jobs.

Phase Three would consist of the transfer of all other flying to American Airlines, with the remaining American Eagle pilots also transferring to the mainline carrier to perform the flying.

``To permit AMR Corporation to grow American Eagle at the expense of American Airlines so AMR can feed Delta Airlines in California and build an Eagle hub in Raleigh-Durham would result in further outsourcing of our flying. That would be a huge disservice to our pilots, particularly when 595 of them are currently furloughed,'' he said. ``If CEO Don Carty truly intends for American Airlines to be the world's premier airline, he should join the Allied Pilots Association in an effort to resolve the commuter feed issue once and for all.''

Founded in 1963, APA is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas.

SOURCE: Allied Pilots Association
At NWA, membership voted in favor of an assessment to pay health premiums until March 2003 (Thank you!). No Jumpseat due to security rigmarole; and you get a whopping one (1) roundtrip for you or anyone on your pass travel list good till 30 days after your furlough.
Roger that. So sounds like pretty similar in some areas. How about the Delta guys? What'd you all end up with? How did your union get around the security issues for the Jumpseating. Personally, I think that the security thing is a pretty weak excuse. But it's not the first time that I've heard it. Another weak excuse I've heard are some sort of tax implications.
I just wish they'd tell us something at UAL. If we are indeed going to be furloughed, let us know so we can make some plans. I too will be in the group of 403...hired 03/2000.

Hopefully we'll hear something after the MEC meeting at the end of the month. Hang in there folks.



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