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Planemasters question

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I don't know about their route, but I have HEARD they pay their Caravan pilots mid $20k, and I THINK it's 4 nights a week.
I used to fly for them. Good company, they treated me well, and it was an easy gig. I flew the freight side and, at the time (I left this Summer) 4 day routes start at $28k/yr and 5 day runs started at $30k. The place is under new management now, which unfortunately happen right as I left, because I hear it's an even better place to be now. The company seems to be growing already, and I've heard they're talking about expanding the fleet. As far as the Poplar Bluff run...is that new? Where does it go? And was it a freight bird you saw? I don't think we had a run there when I was with them, but I could be wrong, and they very well could have picked that one up.

Anyway, they're a good company and the people there are great. Maintenance was pretty good and there was never any pressure to kill yourself flying thru crap. Some of the freight 'Vans looked like turds, but they flew fine and brought me home every night. Some other freight 'Vans were awesome...late model, fancy stuff up front, and just gorgeous in and out.

Let me know if you have any questions. ;)
Not to beat a dead dog, but I absolutely loved working for Planemasters, at the time there was pretty much nothing I wouldn't have done for them....right up to the point where I got laid off due to route cuts...and I wasn't the most junior guy, that was straight bs. In the end it was a good thing, but this was frigain spur of the moment management decision at it's best, so from now one, when I talk about them, I make sure everyone knows they can suck it.
SNA, PM me. This is MW, right??

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