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Plane Crash

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Well-known member
Mar 5, 2002
Plane Crashes Into Lee's Summit Home

2 People Reported Dead
Posted: 8:07 a.m. CDT July 18, 2002
Updated: 9:46 a.m. CDT July 18, 2002

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. -- A light plane crashed into a Lee's Summit home Thursday morning, KMBC reported.

The plane went down on the west side of the Lee's Summit Airport around 7:30 a.m.

KMBC's Donna Pitman reported that an instructor and student pilot were on board the plane. They died in the crash.

The homeowner told Pitman that he and his wife had just finished breakfast when the plane hit the house. They escaped unhurt.

"We had already eaten breakfast, the kitchen is right where the house got it, and all of sudden there was a real large explosion. I thought it was an LP tank or something like that had gone up. It was very loud and fire went everywhere. And within just seconds, there was fire inside the room. We ran downstairs, we had a couple staying with us, and got them up and got out. We had another exit in the house. So we were able to get out," homeowner Dale Bear said.

Bear said that he got the garden hose out and tried to put out some of the flames. He said fire crews arrived quickly and took control of the situation.

Living right near the airport, Bear told Pitman that he thought something like this could happen, but never imagined that it ever would.

It's the airport where I am learning to fly. The news said there was probably a problem after takeoff. They don't know if the pilot called an emergency on the radio, because the airport does not have a control tower. A witness said that the pilot's landed the plane on the road. Then a wheel broke off and it skidded into a house and caught fire.

Dont know what the weather was like THERE, but at OJC, which is about 10 miles west of there, the cieling was 100ft. I hope they didnt take off into a ceiling that low.

I think they did. Another pilot that was taking off after them aborted his takeoff because he thought the visibility was to low. The news said a thick fog went through the area of the airport around that time.
I also fly out of OJC. I called the ASOS this morning, prior to looking out the window (around 8:30). Vis was 1 mi/mst and ceiling 100'. Not a good morning to be out.

I've watched the various spots on this throughout the day, but had not heard that they actually landed and then hit the house. The amount of damage didn't seem consistent with a direct hit, so that makes more sense.

Which side of the field do you fly out of, and who are you working with on the CFI?
From what I heard it was a minister and his wife in the plane. News said something them trying to do an emergency landing. When I made it to ojc about 900 this morning we have a few clouds hovering over the field.

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