Pittsburgh Air Show


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Mar 19, 2002
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Anyone going to the PIT airshow this weekend? Should be badass, got the thunderbirds, F-15 demo, T-6 demo, plus a ton of static. There are a bunch more demos as well that I am not directly involved in that should rock as well...come on out!


I love to see sunset CB
Jun 24, 2005
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I was there today,pretty cool, but the program sucked a bit, the music wasnt with the flying, and the thunderbirds came like at 4pm i was alreaddy at my car to suny and hot. The food was a bit terrible and the beers where 4$ so I just had 7.
Then there where smoking areas so far from the show it was awfull. no coolers where aloud so that fulket up my plans to take more drinks
Coudnt find the freq,s in my scanner for the planes in the show. I was just hearing KPIT tower telling everyone to hurry up cause the airport was soon closing, hahahha that was funny.

and well Ill give it a 7 of 10, whats up u going tomorow?sunday.