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pinnacle questions

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Jan 11, 2002
Just trying to get basic info about pinnacle. Hiring rumors, payscales, junior bases, upgrade time, quality of life etc. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
I don't work there, but will briefly summarize what's been on some other threads regarding the company ... you might also do a "Pinnacle" or "NW Airlink" search of previous threads.

They're apparently hiring, though with a training contract or PFT for lower-time guys. Getting rid of Saabs and will soon be an all-CRJ operator. HQ is in MEM, which is the senior base and features lengthy upgrade times. DTW and MSP are junior bases and apparently most likely assignments for new hires. No pay of any kind (per diem, hotel/lodging, or anything else) during training, until you pass the checkride. Wholly owned by Northwest, which has delayed a planned IPO due to economic conditions.

Hope it helps ...


I do work there.... There are posts regarding most of the questions you asked and "flywithruss" gave a great synopsis...

To add a little more though...

Hiring... Who knows, no offical word other than maybe in the next 6-8 weeks.

Pay... 19.54 FO first year, will be 23.68 for 2nd year on 5/1/03 with 75 hr guarantee. By this time next year I would expect Captain to be 3 years or better so it will be about $60.31 for after 5/1/04.

Junior "should" remain DTW, MEM is currently taking a lot of people (some 14 or so for Oct). Should have growth in MEM next year so MEM will be a base a new hire should be able to get into. Right now new hires are being sent all over the place month to month. 1 month MSP may take a lion share then the next will be DTW. Basically, whatever planning thinks is where they go.

Upgrade... ???? increasing slowly and will continue too...

QOL... if your in the top 20-30%... good to great, better than 3 years with the company (about 30% mark) you can be looking at 16-18 days per month, any lower than that it varies...
We had our largest amount of growth in the last 12-16 months, that is where we went from about 250 pilots to 500. The last of that hiring spree just past the 1 year mark (last offical class that were hired was in late July), all others were either let go or brought back in Feb. QOL will should slowly increase for some as jets arrive and if we continue to show positve expansion to new cities.

The RUMOR back a year ago was that our "expected" pilot group would be 1300 pilots, we are currently about 550.
We are hiring. The pool no longer exists. Those who were in the pool are being re-interviewed. Everbody has an equal chance. I hear that they are sticking to 1500 TT and 300 ME but not sure of that.
Thanks for the answers. For anyone working there can you confirm the lack of pay during training. Or do they pay you but not reimburse for hotels etc. Also where is the training held (MEM?). And. finally for anyone that is willing to speculate have you heard if preferential hiring may be given to furloughed NWA pilots. Rumor has it that request has been brought up by our MEC. Thanks again.
most of your questions can be answered if you do a search as pinnacle has been a hot topic lately...

No pay, no hotel, nothing for the 8-10 weeks of training in MEM. Once you pass the checkride you are on the books that day. Regardless, they will "try" to screw you out of per diem in MEM as they "claim" it is your training base even if your awarded somewhere else (gotta love it).
This Hotline contains information about the MEC's efforts to have furloughed NWA pilots hired by Pinnacle Airlines and news about upcoming furloughee picnics.

We have received numerous inquiries about the possibility of furloughed NWA pilots receiving preferential hiring for flying at Pinnacle Airlines or at Mesaba should they resume hiring. The MEC officers and Negotiating Committee have had a number of discussions with NWA management on this subject, most recently last week. The goal would be to allow NWA pilots to accept a position with Pinnacle or Mesaba without a requirement that they resign their NWA seniority number. So far there have been no concrete developments in these talks, but we will immediately report if any progress is made.

I got this today, not a direct answer but I guess you are hearing the same things we are....

Finally... AT ONE TIME... (and I do not know IF it still exists). When we WERE hiring Street Captains, they did pay hotel, and a Salary (but per diem was a HOT issue as stated above). Do not know if this will even be an option for the NWA guys... Hopefully they will give you a chance to come over to us, you would be more than welcome in my book...

I have never met a -9 driver that treated me badly getting to and from work, and I really appreciated the ride every time.

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