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Pinnacle Parking 15 planes!

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FN FAL said:
Who's neighborhood are they parking them in?

;) That's cold FN FAL...........
Glacialfury1906 said:
;) That's cold FN FAL...........
Sorry, didn't mean to go there, but it did "Beg the question".
Anybody who thinks pilots getting laid off is funny, no matter what their background, has no business being a pilot. What an ass.
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blade230 i say this without any anger within me. If u r one of the pft, sucks for you. If not, then why r u complaining? The way this industry is in, I find it just awful that pilots, FA, and mechanics are at fault and lose their jobs b/c the suits made bad marketing decisions.

gbiatch, as i said before, i dont think its funny. just how I and many others on here feel toward the pft guys/gals

and finally aspire.....yeah i do think its horrible what I am getting paid. Hopefully next time around the next contract the pilot group can do something about it. Had to get out of my last jobs...135 so if u worked for one, you know how I feel
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