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Pinnacle interview

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Well-known member
Nov 7, 2003
My wife as just managed to get an interview at Pinnacle. Does anynoe have any idea of any pointers that may help her? Pinnacle study guide etc etc? Also, she's been invited to a list of days that she can choose one from. Does anyone know if it's better to go to the first few days the last few days or won't it make a different?

All help appreciated.
I'd suggest she only accept an interview on day that ends in "y."

To prepare she should read "War and Peace" from cover to cover. In Russian.

Now that I'm done with sarcasm here's something useful. Take the very first interview slot offered. If she's among the first hired she'll have an earlier class date and more importantly a better senioirty number. She might want to volunteer to be a last minute replacement if anyone fails to show up for a class prior to hers.

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