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Pilots Respond to AirTran's 3rd Quarter Earnings

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Well-known member
Jan 6, 2005
Management Announces Gains, Pilots Expect to Share in Success

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--As AirTran Airways [NYSE:AAI] executives today announced a $10.4 million profit for the third quarter with projections of continued profitability, AirTran pilots expect management to recognize their contributions to the success of the airline at the bargaining table. The pilots, who are represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA), have been in contract negotiations for five years. To date, the parties have been unable to reach an acceptable agreement that contains better wages, work rules, job protections, and other benefits.

“As one of the largest stakeholders in AirTran, we are pleased with its continued profitability. However, just as AirTran’s executives and stockholders are reaping the rewards, so too must the employees whose sacrifices and continued hard work keep AirTran moving,” said First Officer Linden Hillman, chairman of the AirTran unit of ALPA.
While AirTran pilots are paid up to 26 percent below industry average, AirTran executives have received salaries and lucrative bonus packages placing them in the top tier of airline managers.
“Simply put, we expect the company recognize our contributions and sacrifices in making AirTran the success that it is today. Our goal is to reach an agreement in the near future that improves pilots’ pay, job protections and overall quality of life, while allowing for the continued profitability of AirTran,” said First Officer Hillman.
if that place finally gets around to climbing out of "somewhere in between a regional and major carrier", it'd benefit the whole industry.

No more $119 roundtrip IND-RSW fares. That's chea[er than everyone elses connecting flights.

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