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pilot's luggage as part of BOW?

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Sep 25, 2004
Is the flight crews luggage included in the Basic Operating Weight of an aircraft? Someone recently told me it is, but I have a few doubts. I know the crew members are, as are standard operating items and oils, and fluids, and unusable fuel, etc. Never heard this one before. Anyone want to give me their $.02?, as well as the weight of your luggage?
On the Dash at Piedmont we subtract 30 pounds a bag if one or more crewmembers do not have their rollaboards in the crew closet. If they are in there, no adjustment is needed.
Each air carrier has an approved Weight and Balance program so it depends on how the operator sets up crew luggage. I know a couple carriers that do not address it at all and some that have it included in their Operating Weight the same as full soft drink carts, a coffee pot, spare parts, extra Jepp charts in the cargo bin (for international operations) a mechanic with a seat in the cabin for some flights, etc.
On our CR7/9, the Basic Operating Weight includes two flight deck crewmembers at 190 pounds each and two Flights Attendants at 170 pounds each (regardless of gender).

It also includes each flight deck crewmember's flight kit at 20 pounds and each Flight Attendant's flight kit at 10 pounds each.

Crew baggage is also part of the Basic Operating Weight. Overnight bags are 30 pounds each and are included on all flights regardless of whether or not the bags are carried.
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