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Pilots license revoked

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Well-known member
Jun 25, 2002
I have a buddy of mine who had his pilots license revoked out of England. The question comes up and stated by the FAA he can re apply with one year. Does any have any experience what will be done and what to look for?
My wife who is a coperate attorney said he is able, but wanted to ask anyone who has went through this.

Eagle 54
Who revoked it, the feds? From my understanding as long as its not a permenant revocation he can apply after one year but will have to retake all the writtens and practical tests. Why was it revoked?
If he held a FAA pilot certificate (not a CAA or JAA pilot license) and it was a typical revocation action, he can re-apply after one year. Unless the revocation order states differently, he'll need to re-take the written, oral, and flight tests. Has he appealed the order? A revocation order is frequently reduced to a suspension during the appeal process.
First question is was it a FAA certificate that was revoked? If so, then the first two posters have it right. If it was a foreign certificate, than that should have no effect on the FAA certificate unless the FAA certificate was based on that foreign certificate. If this is the case, FAA Legal might have to get involved as the situation is much different.
Question #1: What agency revoked the certificate?

Question #2: What was the reason for the revocation?

This will shed MUCH more light on situation.


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