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pilots commuting out of sd

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
I am goin to start commuting out of san diego and wondering where people park when they commute.
SAN parking

The Sheraton Harbor Island or Park Shuttle & Fly on Pac Hwy are the usual places. (If you leave after 10 or 11pm, there is no one at the collections booth at the Sheraton I hear.) Others park at local hotels and take their shuttle busses into Lindbergh.

A few commuters even bribe the employees for a pass to park in the SAN airport lot. Some take the bus or something and do not use it. At $60/mo for Park Shuttle & Fly, and the SAN lot costing $24/ 3 mos, it may be worthwhile to try and bribe someone into selling theirs with the extra cash you'd save.....
More info

Can you please give me more info on the $24/3 month parking deal? I'm moving to S.D. in July and will be commuting to DTW (yes, I'm an idiot, but the women, sun and beach are worth it)!!!
You also said something about a bus...does one run from P.B. area to the airport? Thanks for your help...:)

RJFO, let me know if you find any 3-4 bedroom houses for rent in the P.B. area....thx
$24/ 3 months

That parking is for the SAN airport employees. In order to score a pass for that lot, you must find an employee willing to sell you their own parking permit (or claim they lost it and buy a second to sell you if they use theirs). It's a big scam that airport employees do to make a few bucks and it's still cheaper for the commuters than paying the rates elsewhere.

You might also do some web research on local hotels to see what ones would have a shuttle. The Catamaran in PB does have one, but they may run on call only and they charge to park. I would not park on the streets in that area for days either.

I don't know about the housing in PB, but I can tell you it's expensive and there is never any place to park. Unless of course you have the kind of money to rent a place in a better section of PB than the drunken-beach-party-college-student sections. Personally, I think there are better places to live near the beach. The traffic is awful so I seldom venture down there.

Get PB info here:

SD transit info & airport bus schedules here:

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