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pilot shirts

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stopoverstore.com had the remaining inventory of Crewgear on sale cheap. I bought good quality long sleeved shirts for $12.00 each. The service from Stopoverstore was great. Four days after the order I go a call telling me that the shirts shipped a day late and that they were very sorry. Candidly I was surprised they shipped as fast as they did. Within five days I had the shirts delivered to the house.

Great place, I will continue to buy pilot supplies from them.
Van Heusen

Years ago I ordered some great Van Heusen shirts directly from the factory. I don't know if you still can. I couldn't find a clue on their website.

You can order Van Heusen shirts from this outfit, http://pilotshirts.com/. Price is right at about $20, +/- $2.

Of course, you can order shirts from Sporty's and pay a fortune. :(
I have a preference for Landerwood Shirts. Digits: 888-523-4474.
About $26 each; of the highest quality and superior fit!
Regards, JetProp.
Yep, Vanhusen was the one that I ordered from too. I bought 5 for around 100.00 and included shipping while the guys buying at the local uniform shop could only get two for that price (could have gone up), ask for their "pilot shirts". They have different types with different names and Pilot is the one that ASA /Delta uses. If pilot is not the one your company uses then find out what the name is. If you work for Delta, you can go to penneys and buy the Towncraft washable pants and pay 30.00 a piece for them. Much better than the uniform shops (47-75) and the ones the shops have are dry-clean only. Hope that helps. ;)

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