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Pilot Pool

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Feb 28, 2002
What does it mean when you are in a pilot pool?

Are you hired already?

Have they done a background check already on you?

Sorry, I'm new at this.

Thank you for any information.
It's when you and a bunch of clowns sit around at the hotel pool wearing your hats, drinking cheap beer, wishing there were girls around.
I thought it meant you were actually IN the hotel pool waiting for a class date. Your body gets a little wrinkly but hey, you do want that shiny jet job right? :D
He must have done something illegal while waiting in a pool and was worried about them finding. Poor guy
You have been pre-screened and when a class date opens up, they will look at you for that class. Some do it by seniority in the pool, others do it by who is best qualified in the pool. In the ole days (1999) the UAL pilots used to talk about the shollow and deep ends of the pool, and how long they had been treading water.

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