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Pilot & Mechanic Go At It -- Anyone know the background story?

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Isnt the first time a mechanic has had to school a stick actuator.
The flight was subsequently canceled.
So what happened to the both of them?

At Eagle, anyone caught swinging a punch, even in defense, is automatically canned. Probably not to smart to do it in front of witnesses or security cameras.

IMHO, the best strategy is to let them swing the punch then collapse to the ground and take the rest of the month off with pay.
I remember about a year and a half ago in sfo two fuelers were throwing punches on the uax ramp. Pilots and rampers had to come over and break it up as one fueler had the other in a head lock.
Another example of exemplary professionalism in the regional industry. The ghetto nose cone in the foreground makes the perfect backdrop.
30 days off for both and yes over a wiper but what was funny about the whole thing is the MESA pilot in the background standing not sure if he wants to help the pilot or the mech my guess was the pilot but he did wait till it was over ;)
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