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Pilot Charged in Carry - On Gun Case

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Jun 5, 2002
Pilot Charged in Carry - On Gun Case

News from the A.P./The New York Times | June 8, 2002 | The Associated press

Filed at 2:59 p.m. ET
SAN DIEGO (AP) -- An American Airlines pilot faces misdemeanor charges for toting a loaded gun in his carry-on baggage while trying to board a plane at the San Diego airport.

William F. Blaylock told authorities he uses the gun for hunting and personal protection and had forgotten to remove it from his bag before heading to Lindbergh Field on April 23.

The weapon was detected during airport security screening.

On Friday, prosecutors filed two misdemeanor charges against Blaylock who, if convicted, faces up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. He has been free on bond since April 24 and will be arraigned next week.

The airline wouldn't comment.
Did they specify what type of gun?? 9mm or glock...or are we talking about a rifle?

I cant see how a 9mm/glock is used for hunting. But i also dont hunt. More importantly...how can this guy "forget" to take the gun out...especially since he is a pilot.

You mean that you dont run around with warpaint on, in your loincloth, and a spear to hunt the boars?!?:p

He said it was for personal protection, and hunting. Many hunters carry a pistol as a backup weapon, in case a wild animal charges them and their rifle or bow is not available.
O.K. I want to believe that no pilot is stupid enough to intentionally bring a gun through... especially these days when a gum wrapper sets off metal detectors.
I suppose his carry-on bag could have been a back pack or something because I don't know of any hunters who bring their travel-pros into the woods.
Does anyone know if this guy is still employed?

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