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Feb 15, 2005
does anyone know where the junior bases for piedmont are? or what my chances are of not getting lga or syracuse?
It's where ever they need ya. Right now, you would have a good chance of Syracuse or LGA, but, attrition is high so you would move up quick and be able to go somewhere else. Recently, a new hire class had 3 or 4 that went to New Bern, so ya never know.
According to the SIC bid posted 14/Sep/05 there were:

4 - EWN
2 - ROA
4 - SYR

It looks like the most junior awards were to EWN.
Hey if the current rumors I've been hearing pan out.... Maybe PHX will be the junior base

yea, right after we get the 400's on property......along with PHX, LAS was mentioned to, ha.

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