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Piedmont Pilots & USA Express Pilots!


The Man
Nov 27, 2001
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Hello. As some of you may have noticed, I am continuing on with some Q's about Piedmont and US Airways Express.

Basically, I may have an up and coming shot at interviewing at PDT and need some info. I am getting a good perspective about the company as a whole.

Just need anything else you have time to offer and a few other questions.

What base is most likely? Upgrade Times?



Year 1 FO
Year 2 FO
Year 3 FO
Year 2 CPT
Year 3 CPT
Year 4 CPT

Thanks for all your help!


Still turning two
Nov 26, 2001
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Not sure about Piedmont, but PSA has based in PIT,DAY,TYS,CAK and CVG.

We are just finishing up our new contract, so i wont embaress myself by listing the pay.

Best of luck with the interview though. Hope you get it.


Don't you wish
Nov 25, 2001
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PDT has bases in JAX, TPA, EWN, ORF, SBY, CHO and PHF... When I left in May there was a rumor of CLT in the future...

Bases vary, all I can say is that anything in FL is difficult to get immediately. Although you usually can hold any base within 6 months, but reserve is a different story.

Upgrade was 2 year 4 months at THAT time.

Pay, as I remember 24.60 to start, 2 increases the first year (after 6 mo. then contract date in May). Generally, first year FO's make about $25K, 2nd yr is around $30-35, 3rd year Captain is around $55K.

Cannot junior man more than 3 times a year and decent work rules.

Most guys are happy, you'll make a decent wage with a decent bunch of guys and gals.

The hardest part will be the interview, training is a breeze and next to impossible to wash out.

Regardless, best of luck...


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Nov 30, 2001
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1st year you can make about 30k. I'm in my 2nd year and will make just under 33k. Average days off in JAX-14 with about 90hrs pay credit per month. Upgrade currently at about 21/2-3 years and you can plan to double your FO salary upon upgrade. Good place to work overall. It will be much better if U begins to make money again and the RJ issue is resolved.

We need to hire 70-75 FO's between now and April. Good Luck!
Regards, Jetprop

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