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Piedmont Payrates?

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Well-known member
Dec 11, 2001
I was wondering if someone could post the current Piedmont pay-rates for FOs and Captains from min to max. Thanks in advance!
I interviewed there last week and this is what they told us.

1st 6 mo. $24.31
2nd 6 mo. $25 and change
First Year $28 and change

Per Diem $1.45
I Think it was a 75 hr/mo guarentee but I don't remember.

Thats all they gave us on paper, I think they said capt start around $40 hr.
I am going to apply to PDT but I would like to know who to address my res and cover letter to. Could someone fill me in on who is in charge of hiring? Also any tips on getting an interview would be helpful. Thanks

4 PDT it is Bob Trout. (H.R.)
Piedmont Airlines in SBY, MD.

Airline is good, but will be very stagnant after April.
Will most likely be caught up in an RJ dispute w/ mainline.

Best of luck.
Piedmont is a 72 hour guarantee........

Send your resume to:

Robert Trout
Piedmont Airlines, Inc.
5443 Airport Terminal Road
Salisbury, MD 21804


FAX 410-742-4478

I recommend sending both a hard-copy and a fax. They like 1500+ TT and 250+ ME, but you'll probably need 2000+ and 500+ multi to be competitive.

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