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Piedmont on Avcareer.TV

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001
AvCareer.TV will host an interview with Steve Farrow from Piedmont today. He is DO
Show is at 2pm est
Seniority Number

Well according to Steve Farrow, VP of Flight Operations, if you are furloughed from US Airways they won't ask you to resign your seniority number if you are from another major airline, they want it. Taking my football and going home.

publisher- What time zone do you list your airing times? I raced home tonight thinking that I was going to be able to watch the interview tonight, only to find out I missed it. Are you Eastern time or Central?
No offense, but you may want to try re-reading his post! "Show is at 2pm "EST" :rolleyes:
avcareer.tv archives

I didn't think this was worth another thread, but does anyone know how to access avcareer.tv's archived interviews?

Thanks in advance.


Go to the schedule
click on the date and show.
It takes about three days to format the archives
If you do not get it send me a private message
Hmmm, I tried to access the Comair interview from 1/11, but all I got was a pop-up message that states the interview will be live on 1/9. I've followed the instructions as "publisher" has written. Am I doing something wrong?
This might be dumb to most but, what is avcareer.tv.

I feel like im in the dark here.



This is a creative approach that AviationCareer.net magazine and AEPS have put up that enables you to talk with and question recruiters and others from the industry.


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