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Piedmont News

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Well-known member
Aug 12, 2005
Anybody heard any new rumors for Piedmont after the Us Air merger? I had heard that there was talk of a Phoenix base or is it just wihful thinking??
Negrodamus says PDT will still suck either way.....
Anything on Chappelles Show......
I figured as much. That totally sucks.
Shoot the J. Shoot it!

Trying (in vain) to send Piedmont my info. Would any kind soul have current HR info and care to share? Under the impression that their website is out of date. Thanks

Shela parker is still the lady to send it to as of two weeks ago. You may wanna fax t in also. When we fax stuff to that number sometimes it takes like three tries to get through. How much time you got??
It takes em a while to get back to ya.
Good luck

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