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piedmont is gone

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May 23, 2002
i work for pdt. we have let 28 go on the street. another 150 will be gone before the end of the year. looking towards downgrades, base closesures. giving 4 a/c back in june and 9 in jan. all because mainline pilots are greedy. for the last 10 yrs. we have been asking mainline pilots for a flowthru every time we asked they told why are you asking when we are not even hirring. then they started hirring and told us to p!ss off. present day mainline screwd up didnt give an inch on more rj for us air. but the minute thier pilots hit the street they come up with j4j.
lets see mainline srewd up but the pilots of pdt, alg and psa have to bear the brunt and let our pilots go just so mainline pukes have a job from know on NO MAINLINE PILOT ON A PDT JUMPSEAT. lets see you guys try to get to wrok know.

We all feel your pain man. I'm right there with ya, however, if we start a jumpseat war with mainline, they also might refuse to let the wholly owned onboard thus not allowing us to get to work also. I know your frustrated and so am I, but those that commute (like myself) don't want to start another war with mainline. By refusing a jumpseat to a mainline puke, we risk losing our jumpseat on mainline as well.

I'm not sticking up for dad here, I just think refusing jumpseats to dad's is not the right direction.
You know, this whole thing is not as complicated as thay make it seem.

US made some bad decisions in the past, my question is, why dont they have to face them.
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How far are they going back?

Use to be at PDT, although I left about a year ago... I knew some who were in either the March or April 2001 class... Are they safe or are the out?

Best of luck to you, PDT (and others) were (are) the cash cow that kept Airways afloat for a some time... You should be getting better treatment as some of those dudes only had a job because the W.O.'s were keeping thier paychecks coming.

It is wrong, but not surprising, too bad they will not seel the W.O. 's to the individual companies (at a reasonable price!) and let PDT and such run themselves without dad taking the cash!
Its really sad to say the PDT might be no more. I have always thought of PDT as the SWA of Regionals. Fun, Cool people, and most of all fun. I really wish that I could have been part of the team :(

you are right it really is sad especially because all of this is the fault of the us air pilot group. to ans. some other ?. i dont know exactly how far back we are going to go but there are about 150 pilots not protected bu the no furlough clause so its safe to say at least that many we have been told that as the leases expire on our planes they are going to be returned jets or no jets and now that the mainline pilots decide to blame us for their stupidy its just a mater of time before we are all gone. i think we own 18 a/c so 18 x 8 = about 140 pilots when all is said and done. if thats the case then it will go back along way however after our fearless leaders coments (mr. segul!!!!!!!!!!!) i'm not even counting on keeping 1/4 of our 18. its a said day at pdt.
propjok said:
NO MAINLINE PILOT ON A PDT JUMPSEAT. lets see you guys try to get to wrok know.

This is NOT the way to deal with the current situation. The jumpseat needs to stay out of the politics. The mainline union leaders seem to make the decisions and they are usually senior and don't commute anyway. You would only be hurting your fellow PDT pilots that rely on mainline jumpseats to get home. If you are denied a mainline jumpseat, report it to your jumpseat coordinator.

I would bet that most mainline jumpseaters are not very well educated in what is happening at the WO carriers. That is not their fault. Their union is not telling them. You should instead use the event to allow the mainliner on your jumpseat and educate him/her about our situation. Maybe it will help -- maybe not. But it's better than chosing an option that is guaranteed not to work.

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