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Piedmont interview call?

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Real Men Fly Props
Aug 18, 2005
How long does it usually take Piedmont to give the call to setup an interview if they are interested? Can I call and bug them about it, or don't they like phone calls? Thanks for the help.

My pax should be here by now. We are doing Angel Flights in the MU2. Feels good to give something like this to people the need it. The kids love the MU.
I wouldn't bother them about it. They have like 50 guys in a hiring pool right now and only have 11 guys in training since June. My suggestion would be to put apps in elsewhere too because even if they offer you a job they will put you in a pool for several months.
no groth right now. It all depends on who you talk to. Some say they are waiting for the Amreica west merger and then we will double in size others say we will be out of business by 2008. Others say that Cologan is undercutting and taking our flying. The truth is only the high ups know the reasons behind it and obviously they will not let on about anything.
yea, word is is that there will be no classes until nov-dec... who knows. only thing i know for sure is that I'm on the VERY bottom of the seniority list. but, at least i'm on a list (not complaining)


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