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PIedmont Gouge

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Well-known member
Jan 26, 2002
Does anyone have any recent interview gouge at Piedmont? I have an interview coming up and was wondering who they have been hiring, what kind of questions are being asked on the interview portion, how is the written? I checked out the will fly for food web site, it that pretty accurate?

Thanks for the help.
I interviewed a couple weeks ago. The gouge on aviationinterviews.com is right on. It's the most laid back interview I've ever been to. Everyone was friendly and made the process stress free.

The interview consists of a personality test, basic ATP written, and the personal interview which only lasts about 10 minutes. I guess the only advice I can think of is to study for the written and be positive about wanting to work for the company. I hope that helps, good luck!
For a current gouge go to aviationinterviews.com. It is free to register and has the most recent info. Good luck.
Thanks for the info.. any insight into the question on what to do if the captain goes into a 30 Deg. bank three times in one flight, you promt him and he corrects, what do you do when you get on the ground. For me I would not report anything unless it happens on a consecutive flight, but what do you guys think they are looking for on the interview??? and the junior assigned question? Thanks in advance
When I interviewed I indicated that I would discuss the issue with the captain and offer to take the controls when he got busy with something else. However the interviewing Captain asked me what I would do if I was on a 4 day trip with this captain and this occurred off and on during the entire trip? I think they want to determine whether you would take action or just let it slide.

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