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Piedmont Commuters

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
Does piedmont have a commuter clause in the contract? I live in Colorado and I am trying to figure out if Piedmont would be commutable. Also I was wondering if anyone there could tell me how many days off a month are typical and how long new hires are on reserve. Thanks.
I left in MAY, I don't recall a "commuter clause".

Days off range from an average of 11-14 depending on base. It can go up on senority and base. It is not unheard of to get a 16 day off line.

You can get almost any bases within 6 months. The more junior bases tend to be ORF, PHF and EWN. Although I have heard ROA will become a base in the near future and a rumor of CLT was floating around in MAy.

Reserve, again varies with bases. I have heard 2-3 months but some bases can go quite higher.

The more important question you need to answer is which domicile you would be interested in and can you get there.

What is Piedmont looking for in terms of hours? Where are they base from? Where can I find more info about them?
If I could tag a question on as well. My goal is to fly for someone who will get me home to sleep in my own bed the most. Flying for Piedmont out of ORF, are there many out and backs that allow overnighters in ORF? Thanks.

Not too many, ORF/PHF generally were 2,3 &4 day trips. I think PHF (part of the ORF domicile) may of had a few out and backs. As I rememer (and this was a few months ago) the out and backs tended to be the southern bases over the northern bases.

I hope it helps...

Lastly, those in ORF have to cover PHF as well, so it is very possible and more likely probable that you leave out of ORF and return to PHF a few days later...
out and backs

If you are looking for out and backs PSA Airlines is hiring and their CVG base has primarily out n backs. They are hiring for pilots this year for the Dornier 328. Right now the pay sucks however we are at the last of our contract and hope to have a new contract with in 6 months. Good luck on what ever you decide.
Dondk and Scouts out,

Thanks for the reply, It's a tough decision, I appreciate the info.

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