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Aug 12, 2004
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Pilot Induced Cockpit Noises..

Ever have em? We landed last week and I could hear this gawd awful, repetitive clattering sound... like a piece of a SWA cowl had entered the right engine. Board was clear, all engine indications fine, I asked the fo what the H he thought it could be and he said, 'I dunno', then dropped his taxi chart and I could see he was shaking his TicTacs around in their box and it was entering his hot mic. &#^%$!!

I remember flying a Cessna(?) years ago, a fidgety guy in the back seat. On T-O, I hear a poom. poom. poom-poom. poom poom sound. I was sure a jug was misfiring or maybe it was airframe banging, turns out he was thumping his foot on the floorboards!


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Dec 17, 2003
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GravityHater said:
Pilot Induced Cockpit Noises..

Ever have em?
When I was in 141 school, I was riding in the back seat of a warrior playing safety pilot to the flight as extra eyes and observing the IFR lesson being given.

This little chicky poo in the left seat under the hood exhibited that "singing" they talk about in the FOI's. It was pretty weird to see and although I dint really care for her choice in music, I tend to hum a few bars myself when the dookie gets a little deep.