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PIC Aircraft Weight requirments question

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Dec 1, 2001
FedEx and Southwest...do they have some weight requirement for their 1000 hour PIC? Who else does...and what is it?
Southwest has no minimum weight requirement for the 1000hrs PIC. Not sure about FedEx, but I haven't heard of one. jetBlue has a requirement for 1000 hours in aircraft over 20,000lbs, but it doesn't have to be PIC. (They have an additional requirement for 1000hrs PIC in turbine aircraft).

All these minimum requirements are listed on the various airlines' websites.
FedEx only has such a requirement if the 1000 hours of PIC are NOT in a turbine acft.

I.E. 1000 PIC fixed-wing turbine, or 1000 PIC fixed-wing multi-engine recip over 20,000 gross. Don't see much of the latter any more; I can't even think of a multi-engined recip that big! The Electra is a turbo-prop, right?

No idea on SW.
Straight from http://pilot.fedex.com/ ...

1500 hours total fixed-wing time as pilot-in command (PIC) or first officer (SIC) including a minimum 1000 hours PIC in fixed-wing jet, fixed wing multi-engine turbo-prop, or multi-engine recip over 20,000 LBGW or combination thereof.
And from WN's website ...

2500 hours total or 1500 hours TURBINE total. Additionally, a minimum of 1000 hours in Turbine aircraft as the **Pilot in command, as defined by FAR PART I is required. Recency of experience is considered. Southwest considers only Pilot time in fixed wing aircraft. This specifically excludes simulator, helicopter, WSO, RIO, FE, NAV, EWO etc. NO other time is counted.**
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So, at FedEx, does the 20K LB gross weight requirement apply to all a/c tyes or just ME recips?

Multi-engine recip airplanes over 20,000 lbs.

Curtiss C-46
Douglas A-26/B-26 Invader
Douglas DC-3/C47
Douglas DC-4/C54
Douglas DC-6/C-118
Douglas DC-7
Consolidated PB4Y Privateer
Consolidated PB4Y Catalina
Lockheed P2V Neptune
Boeing KC-97/377
Grumman S2 Tracker
Dehaviland DHC-4 Caribou
Canadair CL-215
Convair 240/340/440

This is a list off the top of my head of planes you can currently get a job flying in the US, not museum pieces. There might be one or two on the list which are not operating currently, but most are.

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So, PIC time in the 1900 does not count for some
majors since it's less than 20.000 lbs?
The 1900 is a turbine acft, so as far as FedEx is concerned the 1900 is exempt from the 20,000 lb requirement.

Well the quote feature doesn't seem to want to work today.
The SWA requirements could be read to include SE turbine time, but they will laugh at time logged in aircraft such as the Cessna Caravan. The 1500 turbine only counts for F16 drivers.

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