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Phoenix East Aviation

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Nov 25, 2001
Does anyone have any info on Phoenix East? Are the students satisfied, the atmosphere professional?

Are their instructors happy/well paid?

All comments welcome........
Well my roomate finished his private at Phoenix East. It was ok according to him, but he had real problems with instructors, he went though 2 before he found one that was there to stay and finsihed his private. They are similar to Riddle, they hire their students as instructors and they leave as soon as they find a job or are ready for their ATP to move up.
I beg you, please, STAY AWAY. Stay far away.

In all honesty, I've never flown there. However, PEA and another flight school owned by a guy named Phil have less then good reputations for safety. Others to consider in the area that are a little better are Regional Air Charters, Wrightway, and Cloud Dancer to name a few. Everyone will have their own opinion of these places though. Try Deland, New Smyrna, and Ormond for some other flight schools.
I have to disagree with a few of the above comments.
I did My Private at PEA before I went to comair. The planes arent the greatest but they are good training a/c. I had a good instructor there and I got my private within 5 weeks. I liked it alot more than comair and decided to teach there when I got my cfi. As far as their safety record. There has only been one accident in the schools history and that involved a midair with a embry riddle a/c. The majority of the students DO speak english, but for some reason everyone thinks that they are all foreigner's there. It doesnt matter where you do your training, there are gonna be good and bad instructors It all depends on what you want to get from them. I think PEA is a good place to fly and is probbaly the cheapest place to learn. Just my two cents!!!!
"There has only been one accident in the schools history and that involved a midair with a embry riddle a/c"

If you do a search under Phoenix East at www.ntsb.gov six accidents have been reported since 1993.
The best IMO of the local DAB flight schools is Epic Aviation in New Symrna Beach.

I know some people think I might be getting paid by them for all the plugging that I give them. Its just that they have been good to me in both training and rentals. On top of it their fuel policy is one of the best that I have seen to date. The refund the full fuel price not just what they would have paid for it locally at their pump.
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Thanks for the steer, but I just got off the phone with Dan Cohen, and he says they have 14 instructors, some with insufficient work.

Anyone else know of a good school that IS hiring?


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