PHL guys who've stayed at the Lagoon....


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Sep 19, 2004
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I was one of his "airline pilot" students about '94. Sitting rsv at the Lagoon, I wandered over to find the "Museum" I had heard about. I asked a little old man about it and he jerked his thumb over his shoulder and said, "Justa bunch of goddam pictures...".
That was Mister C. Robert Mills.
I looked around and after talking with him, found out about his school. I got my SES in his 75 hp Cub in short order and never had so much fun in an airplane. (Except for one time and I really can't elaborate...)
Incredible glassy-water landing demo. He actually turned around in the front seat, kept eye contact with me, and landed the airplane, showing me that I didn't need to look out front and that it was preferable, in a glassy-water landing. I kept sneaking peaks looking for ships, though...
He was a class act and then some.