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Peter King likes Airtran


Honey Ryder
Feb 26, 2004
Total Time

Enjoyable/Aggravating Travel Note of the Week

Two reasons why I'll be looking to fly AirTran this season after returning from Dallas to Boston the other day on the off-the-beaten-track airline:
1. Ninety stations of free XM radio on board. Listened to Dan Patrick for two hours. Nice to see you've got all those ads, Dan. Love the Matthew McConaughey spot. "Beef. It's what fer dinner.'' And I didn't know you had a 1967 car.
2. WiFi. My first Internet-on-the-airplane experience -- $5.95 for a two-hour, 30-minute segment from Dallas to Baltimore. Not sure long-term whether that's a good thing or bad. Got a lot of net-surfing stuff done, but I could have been writing instead of i-chatting about [Hideki] Okajima with Jon Heyman. Not to mention the salt-and-cracked-pepper kettle cooked potato chips. A pleasant flying experience, AirTran -- and that's a rarity these days.