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Personal Hygiene

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keith English

New member
Sep 23, 2005
I know i'm asking for loads of sarky comments,but here it goes.I have a really good primary student,problem is he really stinks! How should this be addressed?
You could try Farting a lot
I had a couple of guys that we actually had to tell them "you need to bath regularly" if you want to fly here and its the custom while in the US. It took us a few days to figure out how to handle the situation. Be direct but nice about it.
Just cut the fuel and dead-stick it in.

When he asks why the engine died, tell him it was directly related to his B.O. Get a mechanic to back you up.

Watch him burn through the loofas! :D

I got one like that now, I would just tell him that until he showers you are not going to fly with him.
we have international students that are like that. onions and body odor.

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