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Perfect Interview Briefcase

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Well-known member
Feb 23, 2002
Black leather expandable briefcase/attache with "gold" fixtures (locks, etc). Purchased two months ago and is still in original packaging. Used for one interview, and it's batting 1.000 :D .

I paid $63 and will sell for $50 which includes shipping.

Please PM me if interested.
I bought a 25 dollar brief case at office depot (black leather/ chrome hardware) and it served me just fine. (2 for 2):)

Plus the chicks dig it!
i'd call that stealing and if you hold an ATP I would question your moral character.
I used a 3 ring binder with a nice pic in the sleeve on the front and all docs in sheet protectors so I didn't have to punch holes. It did not cost me the job.

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