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Pensecola T-6 jobs for Air Force bubbas

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Well-known member
Jun 18, 2002
Are T-6 jobs at Pensecola hard to come by for AF types? Is there a high demand for this position? How does the Navy T-6 IP job compare to AF T-6 IP job? I was a tweet IP way back when and I have heard of guys coming back from T-34 tours saying that they've enjoyed it. I just can't see myself going back to one of these small town SUPT bases. Thanks in advance.
The USAF is beginning CSO training at NAS P'cola, using T-1A and T-6A aircraft on 1 OCT 09. There will be 21 T-1 and 23 T-6 aircraft in the program. Randolph is the controlling agency on this.
So, you get to fly around backseater trainees. That sounds like a cool job! How do get in on that deal?
Update: After years of waiting, TRAWING 5 (Whiting Field) has recently received it's first T-6's for Primary flight training. VT-3 (the squadron that trains AF student pilots) is supposed to start transitioning from T-34s to T-6s this spring, with the other squadrons in the wing following over the next several years so T-6 IP opportunities will be increasing.
If pointy nose land is the same as VP, the VTs still won't be all that great for a career regardless which plane they are flying...

The best part of the Helo Master plan is that with the expansion of the HTs, a lot of spots opened up in the primary VTs... This is the first time in several years that guys in P-3 land will have a reasonable chance at getting flying orders for their shore tour.

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