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peidmont pay

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This is straight from the current Piedmont contract:

First Officers:

starting 24.31
6 mos. 25.24
2 yr. 27.31
3 yr. 29.07
4 yr. 30.75
5 yr. 31.92

1st yr. 42.64
2nd yr. 44.76
3rd yr. 47.55
4th yr. 49.08
5th yr. 50.34

DHC-8-300 Captains

4.00 to 6.00 more per hr. graduating with senority.

The contract is amendable May 16th, 2004 so 4th and 5th yr. scales
above are from the last year of the contract and most likely will be
higher. All in all a decent contract in comparison to other regional airlines. Besides pay,we get a defined benefit plan ( just a 1% multiplier
but better than most at this level), a fair 401K, 100% pay for cancellation of your flight for whatever reason, etc.

Hope this helps!
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Someone made the comment on another thread that PDT and ALG weren't going to ask pilots to resign their seniority numbers at other companys, does anyone that works for Piedmont know if this is true or was someone just speculating.


I would assume that all smaller carriers are practicing the same thing. I wouldn't want some laid off UAL pilot be hired at my company and spend money to train him. When his number is called to return to UAL, you think he is going to stay?

I don't think so.

Fly Safe:D
Just Speculation

Be sure to read the question...I don't desire speculation. I would appreciate a pilot from Piedmont or Allegheny answering the questions.

Happy Trails

I used to work at both ALG and PDT. Right before my furlough from USAirways, PDT called and offered me a job. I would not have to resign my mainline seniority but would be required to commit to a two year training contract. ALG has also offered a return and I would not have to resign my seniority or commit to a contract. The wholly owned carriers of USAirways seem to be willing to re-hire the ex-pilots as long as you left on good standings with them. Since a recall to mainline seems rather remote at this time,(hope I'm wrong), the wholly owned carriers are going to benefit by having qualified people back into their ranks. I also think that money has something to do with this since the returnees will probably go through some sort of modified training. Most of the furloghed pilots were already typed on the equipment.
I do not know if the wholly owned carriers are asking furloughed pilots from other carriers to give up their seniority. I would hope that these pilots could keep their numbers. Hope this helps.


Well that is what I was hearing as well and not to be a lawyer, but they really can't offer different conditions of employment they would have to apply one policy.

Joyous New Year
What if anything do they pay while in training? Do they spring for a hotel or are you on your own?


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