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PDT wiz wheel

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anyone opened that package yet? I am a little lazy and just wondering if it sucks or if its better than what we have now?
I can't speak for PDT's but I have opened the one for the SAAB and I can tell you it sucks. Why a 30-seat airplane needs 4 zones is beyond me. My understanding is the FAA wants to make sure the airplane is within its predetermined CG envelope at all times. So I guess someone in Washington determined this would account for the Flight Attendant walking up and down the isle with the cart and someone in the bathroom. But after August 11th we will have 2 zones that consist of a whopping 2 rows each. These changes significantly decreased our CG envelope. It also means the SAAB will no longer be able to take 30 people and full bags and still be within CG limits.
cracked it open, but didn't read it yet, not surprisingly, pdt managed to take a decent idea, and screw it all up, the alg wheel, while not perfect, was easier and more succinct than this thing, 90 page manual???? I think the alg wheel came with a 10 page study guide...

oh well, guess we'll see if its any better than the present system...
CHQ the 135 and 140 will have 4 zones, 145 5 zones, New pax wts -2 pounds, carry on bags WAY up from 22 to 30. Child wts also up. Problem we will run into is the closet floor loading is placarded at 70lbs so now we wont be able to put 3 crew bags on the floor :-(. More fun!
Opened it and did the home study.

What a royal pain in the posterior. How they managed to take something so simple as the min/max load schedule and change it into something that will take several additional steps each loading is beyond me.

I have been looking for a former ALG pilot to coach me on the full nuance of the "wheel", but there aren't many in my base.

I don't know if the change was mandated by the Feds or is just something someone decided would be worth the change.

On my next several trips I plan to keep track of how many times I need to adjust the seating or if the loading is acceptable as is. Off the top of my head I'd say the 100/200 is acceptable about 75% of the time without moving people. I would guess that the 300 falls more into the 50% range. But with the 300 more often than not just finding the open or occupied seats allows enough adjustment to meet the min/max loading limits.
I'll admit it when the wiz wheel came first at ALG I was like this thing is stupid then after a few days I changed my mind. The whole process went really well when the FO did the OF-11 and the Capt did the wiz wheel at the same time. About 30 to 60 seconds after you were handed the paperwork your done, shut the doors and off you go. I'm not familar with PDT's new or yet to be tried wiz wheel but I can say the one at ALG was just fine. I have my very own suvernier.

At MDA the wiz wheel is even easier. The E-170 is in 2 zones. Same thing here, FO does the addition and the Capt "spins" the wheel and 30 seconds after you get the paper work your done.

US Air should have this system in all fleet types then they could get ride of central load command and the delays. Hey look at that I just found a way for management to hack another bunch of employees. O no, maybe because our crashpad is so close to crystal city the evil is starting to rub off. Quick someone toss some holy water on me and see if I burn. (P.S. if any management on this board use my idea I claim 10 of the profits)

When we were in ground school last summer for the 170 all the ALG CEL guys figured out the wiz whell in about 10 seconds because we had all used it in the Dash. The APL guys had this look of horror on thier faces at the thought of doing thier own W&B. However ask thoes same guys today and I bet 99% say its 100% better than having someone else do it.

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