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PDT Pilots plead read

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Nov 28, 2001
I need your help. With the contacts you have around the industry I'm
hoping someone out there can help me out.

My 26 year old step-daughter Tonya is fighting a tough battle with colon
cancer. She grew up in the Norfolk area but has not had any contact with
that side of the family for over 10 years.

Her Uncle, Mike Dillon is a pilot. I think he used to fly for Piedmont or
Allegheny or something and was living also in the Norfolk/Chesapeake area.
I think he is still flying and we desperatly need to get in touch with him.
He may be our
only link to get in touch with Tonya's Mother. The last 2 phone numbers we
had are no longer in service. Time is of the essence.

I'm hoping that someone out there can check out the crew rosters and help me
out. They don't need to give me their number, but PLEASE give them mine.

I can be reached any number of ways.

Home phone 619-461-1876
Work phone 858-278-4545
Cell phone 619-318-8943
Home email [email protected]
Work email [email protected]

Thanks for your help and take care.

Cryss Rigdon

Go to the FAA website (faa.gov I think). They have a searchable pilot database in the aircraft owners/pilots area. If Mike is an active pilot with a medical, his address will be in there.

Best of luck to your family during this tough time. Hang in there, I know everyone on this board will be praying for your stepdaughter now.

Thank you for your post. I guess I should of been a little clearer. This is not my family. I got this post off the AAA message board, and as a former PDT Pilot I wanted to pass this on.

Sorry for the confussion.

I did a search for the easten region. Maybe this is the guy:

Pilot's Address : 61 CHESTER LN
NANUET, NY, 10954-3838
FAA Region : Eastern
Date of Medical : Mar, 2001
Class of Medical : 2
Expiration : Mar, 2002
Pilot Certificates : Airline Transport Pilot
Rotorcraft Helicopter
Instrument Helicopter (Commercial Pilot)
Airplane Single Engine Land (Private Pilot)
: Mechanic

PS: I emailed this to the guy you quoted.
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