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PCMT Aviation- info?

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Aircraft Sales? What aircraft sales guys are you talking about? We don't sell airplanes, we buy them. Make sure your info is current before spouting off like that.
You DO sell airplanes. Look at your own website, you have a VP of Aircraft Sales. Glad you're familiar with your own company. C'mon Tbone...
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That is correct...we do have a VP of Aircraft Sales. However, it's my understanding that his area of focus is acquiring aircraft, not in selling them. If aircraft are being sold, it's on such a small scale that we don't hear about it.

From a pilot's perspective, XOJet (formerly PCMT) is a great place to work. You'd be hard pressed to find a better 135 gig.
Sounds like Tbone is a happy employee, must be in management. :)

Too young of a company to be comfortable with according to my friends out there in CA who know these guys....no track record yet and from what I hear a hangar full of a/c. A great gig if you don't want to fly much.
I have to agree with t-bone. Good pay, great scheduled time off, top notch equipment and maintenance, and all employees are treated with respect.

As far as the "flash in the pan" comment... well this is aviation and we all know there are no guarantees. However, the "Technology Guy" has a proven track record of turning innovative ideas into gold. He has surounded himself with top industry leaders in every area. He brings the customers perspective as well as proven business skills growing wildly sucsesfull companies.

Maybe if there were more experienced and talented professional business leaders running aviation companies instead of burnt out pilots, we wouldn't have to endure the endless whining about how screwed up the industry is on sites like this.

I'm drinking the Coolaid... tastes good too.
X, you're even newer to this site than I am.

That "technology guy" has you both drinking the coolaid and T has you fired up enough to join the group, "welcome."

I'm passing along what I've heard from my friends out in CA that are familiar with PCMT/XO JEt and something before that from what I understand. One of them even works there...T, it was you on a prior post saying you couldn't get a rental car right?

Good luck with the Koolaid, bets are on that 18-24 months is the lifespan of XO according to folks out there...aviation has a way of taking away the riches of many men. Blue skies.

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