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PC12 corporate in AZ

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Berry Beery Bad
Nov 6, 2003
I hear there is a position open for a PC12 driver in AZ. If anyone has any info I'd really Appreciate it. its on FLJ thanks in advance
Job InformationDate Posted: 3/13/2010
Company:Uhaul Position:Corporate PC-12 Pilot (Phoenix, AZ) Position Type:Corporate Pilot Location:Phoenix AZ Salary:N/A
Description:Seeking Corporate Pilatus PC-12 Pilot for Phoenix, AZ based operations. Must meet following requirements: minimum 1500 hours TT, 1000 turbine, strong mechanical background, A&P preferred.

Contact Information
Contact Name:N/A Phone:N/A Fax:N/A Email:Apply via www.uhaul.com
I put in. Pc-12 trained and an A&P IA with a lot of maintenance experience on turbo prop taking care of corporate with 3154 turb pic and 6846 total pilot.


When someone finds out if someone got it please let us know. It would be nice to know someone got the job.
Job has already been filled... I don't know who got it, but I had a friend try for it, and was told that the position was filled.

This position was filled before this job was even posted. It wasn't even for a PC12, but they have to open it up to everyone because of Equal Opportunity Employment.

I know the person that left this job and he filled it immediately with one of his friends.


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