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PC compatible software for iMac

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001
Hi guys/gals, My fiance and I just bought an iMac 600. My problem is that all my CD Roms are IBM compatible and I can't run any software on my iMac. I know there is software that allows me to use these prgrams on my Mac but I don't know its name. Can anyone help me out? I'm looking for the name of the software that allows me to run my IBM compatible CD-Roms on my Mac. Your help is much appreciated.
I am curious .. why did you buy an iMAC in the first place?

I have the very very very unfortunate experience of having to admin a network with about 60 Macs .. iMACs, G3, G4, etc.
(Its at a public school .. they were basically forced to get Macs)

Anyhow, I'll ask at work and get back to you via private msg.
My fiance is an artist and we got a boatload of software from her friends, unfortunately none of the software had anythig to do with aviation and I didn't realize that the software I already had would not work on a Mac.(the software was worth more than the computer cost) The way I figure on resolving this is to get a PC compatible notebook, however I would still like to use some of the software on the iMac if I can.
They used to sell boards for Macs that had that very purpose. They were usually much faster than any software b/c they had real PC parts; it was (only) $400 or so.

But that was 5 yrs. ago. No idea if they still make them. You might want to double check at a hardware store before you invest in software. The software can be pretty slow, and a lot of programs (esp. new ones) won't run.

But hey, IBM's go for like $500 these days, so it'd probably be best just to just buy a new PC. Because, unless you have "sources," IBM emulation software can be pretty expensive; probably in the ballpark of $250.
Obviously you DOS guys don't know how to 'Think Different'.

The software you need to use any Windows program on a MAC is Virtual PC. This is a shell program that uses software to emulate an intel processor. It comes with Windows 98 or XP, depending on the version. Connectix has been making this program for about five years, updating it for MAC OS and processor upgrades the whole way. In other words, support for this product won't go away.

I've been using version 2.0 for about two years, and it is somewhat slower than a comparable Pentium III box, but with a 600mHz G3 (or G4?) chip in your iMac, version 4.0 should be pretty speedy. Check out Connectix' web site www.connectix.com to see what they say is most compatible with your iMac, then go to eBay to see what folks are getting for it. I got my version for about $75.
Go with Connectix Virtual PC, it's the best software out there for that.

As far as the PCI cards/boards, (boscenter's relpy) the imac doesn't have any expansion slots so it's out of the question.
Jeez, I guess I'm the only defender of the MAC platform on the forum.

The iMac is designed to be an entry level computer, with plug it in and compute simplicity, not an expandable work station. Apple sells tower units that have all the doo - dads and expansion capabilities (like the one I've got). To have standard expansion (PCI) capabilities would have caused the iMac to become much bigger phisically and more expensive to own.

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