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Payscale At Northwest Airlink

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Which One?

Mesaba is currently in negotiations.. Hopefully they will get everything they ask for...

As for Pinnacle Airlines Corp. (Formerly Express Airlines I)
First year FO pay ain't the best!
0-1 yr $19.54
1-2 yr $22.99 SF3 72 hour guarntee CRJ 75 hour guarntee

CRJ Capt.
0-1 yr $51.91
1-2 yr $53.50

If you have the flight time for CRJ Capt you can upgrade pretty fast... only thing is you will be on Reserve for a very long time.

Any other questions? Ask!
141...pinnacle (THE northwest airlink) has been getting beat up pretty bad on this board recently. you might try searching for some of the past threads.

don't forget...no pay, housing, per diem, or anything else for that matter during tng. even aca does better than that...
Pinnacle is not "THE" Northwest Airlink, they are ONE of the Northwest Airlinks. Mesaba Airlines is the largest of the Northwest Airlinks and, as was mentioned before, is currently in contract negotiations and has 8 pilots still on furlough. Mesaba won't be hiring until possibly next year.

Pinnacle is hiring if you want to pay to play and fit what they are currently looking for i.e. Gulfstream International pilots(more pay to play). The other thread goes very deep on this subject.

They do seem to favor low timers 500-1000tt for the right seat thereby securing a lower payroll cost for years to come.
it is THE northwest airlink that he was referring to, and is THE northwest airlink with the url www.nwairlink.com and is commonly referred to as "northwest airlink" vice "mesaba", hence the reason i wrote that...but thanks for the clairification.

Main Entry: 1pin·na·cle
Pronunciation: 'pi-ni-k&l
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English pinacle, from Middle French, from Late Latin pinnaculum small wing , gable, from Latin pinna wing, battlement
Date: 14th century

1 : an upright architectural member generally ending in a small spire and used especially in Gothic construction to give weight especially to a buttress

2 : a structure or formation suggesting a pinnacle; specifically : a lofty peak

3 : the highest point of development or achievement

Does the new name imply that the company has reached it's peak? This is as good as it gets?

Sorry...too much free time
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Thats funny Anaconda, the SF-340 I fly around has a Northwest Airlink painted on the side. The strange part is that my paycheck comes from Mesaba. Thanks for clarifying that I actually work for Pinnacle.

Looking at your Info I am guessing that you work for neither so mabey you really don't have the most reliable info on this subject.

Here is the funniest and ironic thing about it.... The airplane has (Operated By Pinnacle) on the side of it along with a stapled sheet on the AML/FOM/FCOM. My company ID and paycheck still say Express Airlines I. HAHA
Coulda been.

Not yet.
I coulda been a SF3 El Cappy-tan..but as of 9-11-01 they stopped all SF3 upgrades.

Since I have been with the company (16 months) They have this FO-FO equipment/seat lock, so I can't go to the CRJ and get the 500 hours of "Credit Time" to upgrade on the CRJ until the last Saab is gone ( Dec 15?)...(3500TT which is reducable to 3000 with 500 in type) So I'm just taking it through the back door and :eek: :D

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